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Creating an Invoice

Screen Capture of the FBO Director Create an Invoice Page FBO Director Invoice Editor

FBO Director is primarily a means of invoicing customers at FBOs, flight schools, and maintenance shops. There are a variety of challanges faced by the general aviation industry however that most do not face. Unique customer discounting methodologies, specialized taxation, and mothly billing are not features provided by most point of sale software vendors. FBO Director however specializes in handing these unique situations and provides all of those modules by default. Being able to quickly and fluidly bill your customers so they can get back into the air without delay is our number one priority.

There are several ways you can create an invoice in FBO Director. The easiest way to do so is by clicking the "Create an Invoice" link in the FBO Director navigation menu. Other ways to create an invoice include using our Flight Bridge integration to create an invoice direcly from a reservation. We can also link with most automated fuel meter hardwares such as TCS, Veeder Root, and Liquid Controls, so an invoice be generated from the fuel truck before the customer ever walks in the door. Flight Schools can dispatch and check-in flights and flight instructors and invoices are generated directly from the flight data. Maintenance shops can create and track work orders in FBO Director and can generate invoices directly from those work orders.

Finding an Invoice

FBO Director Browse Invoices Page Screen Capture Browse Invoices Page in FBO Director

Just like with creating invoices, there are also a variety of ways to search for an invoice in FBO Director. The most frequently used way to search for an invoice is from the FBO Director dashboard. As soon as you login and when you complete most software functions you will be forwarded to the dashboard page. On the dashboard there are several tabs, the tab labeled sales tickets shows your most recent invoices along with any outstanding invoices pending payment.

When searching for more than just recent or open invoices the "Browse Invoices" page shows you more detail and give you the ability to interact with historic invocies. The browse invoices page is where to go in order to cancel and void invoices. You can also view the dates and times that your invoices are sent from the browse invoices page or you can pull them up to print them out or email them again.

Another way to search for invoices is by using the search functionality built into the customer details form. On both the dashboard and on the manage customers page you can pull up a customers details and from the tab labeled customer history you can search for all invoices created for the customer you are reviewing.

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