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Who We Are

FBO Director is intuitive FBO and Aviation Software

FBO Director is the leading software for aviation management. We provide a comprehensive solution for invoicing, billing, flight school management, maintenance shop management, and jet fuel purchasing.

FBO Director is a team of software developers

Our Values

There’s Nothing Else That Compares

aircraft making a quick turn with FBO Director

Better Quickturns

FBO Director helps to streamline the accounting process for fuelers and CSRs, resulting in fewer mistakes. With tail number tracking, fuel company credit card processing, contract fuel support, into-plane fees, and fuel inventory tracking all included in the system, it's easy to keep track of all your accounting.

FBO Director makes training employees easy

Train Employees In Minutes

We've designed our software to be simple and intuitive, so that you can train your employees in just minutes. With our easy-to-use interface, your employees will be able to make a sale in just three steps, rather than 20! This will reduce your customer wait times and speed up quick turns, making your job easier. So don't spend hours training your employees - let FBO Director do it for you!

Working at an FBO is easy with TotalFBO replacement

Make Running Your FBO Easy

When it comes to running a successful FBO, efficient operations are key. That's why we designed FBO Director - to provide a complete, user-friendly software package that would help streamline complex processes and maximize profits. FBO Director can help automate many of your business operations. So you can focus on what you do best - providing excellent service to your customers.

Our Record

Growing Larger Every Day

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FBO Director has your Point of Sale Features

FBO Director on multiple devices

Fuel Management

Robust Accounting

Fuel Card Payments

Work Orders

Flight School Dispatch

Monthy Recurring

FBO Director Accounting runs your FBO!

Never missing a drop of fuel is what FBO Director brings to your fuel inventory management.

Automation is the Key to Success

FBO Director will automate imports from Veeder-Root, TCS, and Fuel Meter Cloud. Do you have a self-server terminal? FBO Director automates QT Pod (siteminder) and Fuel Master transactions!

Reports and Reconcilation to Help

Our fuel reports give you data by customer and tail number. Instantly see who purchased fuel over any time period. Want to drill in further? Export to Excel from FBO Director.

There isn't an FBO around without some kind of fuel discount method. We support it all!.

FBO accounting working every discount method you can imagine

retail minus unit and percentage, cost plus unit and percentage, tiered quantity discounts unique for each customer.

Contract Fuel processing is available too

We support the major fuel brands: EPIC Aviation, Avfuel, Titan, and others to process the unique contract fuel programs. This seemless method simplifies what your staff will do and helps you reconcile quickly.

General Aviation has a number of tax requirments and FBO Director handles the most complicated taxing you will run into.

Tax on a tax for the most complicated states

FBO Director can process transactions with tax on a tax, leaving certain taxes exempt. Do you have customers with more complicated requirements? We can handle those too.

Into Plane Transactions

In addition, FBO Director can change out product codes, taxes, and invoice build based on the card used at the time of the transaction.

automated fueling with FBO Director software

Let's talk accounting

FBO Director does acccounting your way!

FBO software accounting export tools to take your accounting to a professional level. I have always believed we should focus on writing aviation software (building a GREAT front desk experience) and letting the accounting professionals do the heavy lifting.

At the touch of a button, we can export to ANY csv map you provide us. But, to make things easy FBO Director has an accounting software program direct link to QuickBooks Online and Desktop using the detailed QuickBooks IIF file format. This means you get transaction details in your accounting software - NOT just journal entries or deposits! We also have integrations and data export tools to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains and Sage. Don't like those? We can export to any CSV format with sophisticated mapping tools and can connect to products like SAP, JD Edwards, or the tool of your choice.

Aviation accounting software, like FBO Director, is the backbone of running your fbo business. Our fbo management software has all of the tools you need to operate and since we are a cloud based aviation software program you can get to your business financials anywhere. Aviation organizations choose fbo management software like FBO Director to work with any accounting program.

Great Plains Dynamics with FBO Director
FBO Director exports to sage accounting
QuickBooks Online for FBO Director
FBO Director has worked with QuickBooks since 1996
Use a CSV export with FBO Director
SAP for FBO Director

Did we Mention? FBO Director can handle every aspect of your business, there is even more we can do!

FBO Director handles all business aspects

Fast Transactions

Card on file, by Tail Number OR Customer Code, payment types are saved and automate your front desk.

Periodic Billing

Automate your monthly hangar, office, and tie-down billings. Even save to card on file.

Make/Model Fee Schedule

Just set up your hangar, ramp, and other services by make and model. Pricing is automated by tail number.

Works with Fuel Credit Cards

FBO Director Software works with EPIC, Shell, and Avfuel cards. We also handle contact fuel and branded rewards card processing.

Digital Signature

Effortlessly capture signatures at the counter and comply with pole display regulations.

How does it Compare

FBO Director adds modules you for FBOs for Avfuel Hub, Atlas FBO software, Compass FBO software and X-1 that you may not have like work orders, flight schools, and even a link to Flight Bridge.


Check our Pricing

Call us about your specific needs!!
Our "Lite" plan - just $99/month and $0.20 per transaction.
FlightBridge and Scheduling Concierge is available for $50/month for Starter, Basic, and Business plans.

Starter Plan

$299 / mo
starter plan FBO Director pricing
  • Invoicing
  • Reports
  • Customer/Tail Tracking
  • Fuel Module
  • Periodic Billing (up to 15)
  • Self-Serve Fuel
  • Wireless Fuel
  • Flight School
    or Work Orders
  • Concierge/FlightBridge
  • Custom Accounting exports
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Basic Plan

$449 / mo
basic plan FBO Director pricing
  • Invoicing
  • Reports
  • Customer/Tail Tracking
  • Fuel Module
  • Periodic Billing (up to 15)
  • Self-Serve Fuel
  • Wireless Fuel
  • Flight School
    or Work Orders
  • Concierge/FlightBridge
  • Custom Accounting exports
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Business Plan

$549 / mo
FBO Director business plan pricing
  • Invoicing
  • Reports
  • Customer/Tail Tracking
  • Fuel Module
  • Periodic Billing (unlimited)
  • Self-Serve Fuel
  • Wireless Fuel
  • Flight School
    or Work Orders
  • Concierge/FlightBridge
  • Custom Accounting exports
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Ultimate Plan

$649 / mo
Ultimate plan for FBO Director
  • Invoicing
  • Reports
  • Customer/Tail Tracking
  • Fuel Module
  • Periodic Billing (unlimited)
  • Self-Serve Fuel
  • Wireless Fuel
  • Flight School
    AND Work Orders
  • Concierge/FlightBridge
  • Custom Accounting exports
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What they are saying about us

“Over the past 11 years, John Nelson has helped us provide the high-quality service we’re known for.” “With FBO Director, we’ll be even faster and more mobile. It’s easy to set up and learn, delivers in-depth reports quickly, and integrates with QuickBooks. With our Veeder-Root EMR3 equipped trucks, the fuel logging and billing process from the ramp to the terminal is now completely automated; no radio calls or extra action needed to get billing done. Isn’t that what we’re here for? To make fuel stops easy, quick and accurate?”

Rabbit Aviation loves FBO Director

Dan DeMeo-CEO

Rabbit Aviation Services

FBO Director is easy to use, and after watching the videos you sent me, I didn’t feel like I need any more training.

Tiffin Aviation is successful with FBO Director

Carlos Gonzalez

Tiffin Aviation

I feel like this is way too easy and that perhaps I have missed something because it all seems too simple? I really like the software and the responsiveness of your whole team."

Purdue University Aviation dispatches flights with FBO Director

Linda Gregory

Purdue University

I can tell this is going to save me a lot of time and streamline my operations moving from half paper tracking and half Quickbooks..

Monroe MS uses FBO Director

Wes Kirkpatrick

Monroe County Airpor

Product fees work excellent. The add Product Kit, Love it! Love the update!!!.

FBO Director has been at Million Air St. Louis for 20 years

Cindy Hayden

Million Air St. Louis


Our hard working team

John Nelson - FBO Director founder

John R. Nelson, P.E., Esq.


John is the original found and developer of FBO Manager and has been building aviation software applications for over 30 years.

Levi Coblentz of FBO Director

Levi Coblentz


Levi joined John in 1998 to build FBO Manager. He has built software for aviation for 25 years.

Ken Edwards - FBO Director

Ken Edwards

Biz Dev/Equity holder

Formerly a fuel supplier representative Ken focuses on new business development and onboarding.

Jack Nelson, nlsnmedia

Jack Nelson


Jack handles marketing development, design, and product look and feel He attends tradeshows and assists with new clients.

Mandy Jon - Remax

Mandy Hancock


Mandy manages tradeshows, marketing, and new client support processes and systems to ensure a perfect customer experience.

John Barnes - FBO Director

John Barnes


John is an ex-navy flight specialist, candidate for the Bar exam, and aspiring pilot handling customer relations.

Alan Norris - pilot, sailors

Alan Norris


Alan is a pilot and formerly developed software for automating FBO web site building.

Haley Nelson - FBO Director

Haley Nicole


Haley is a USF graduate and customer service expert. She has managed retail and internal teams.

Our Clients

We build long-term relationships! Some going on 20+ years

Yelvington Jet Aviation uses FBO Director
Corporate Air uses FBO Director
Basin Aviation uses FBO Director
Rabbit Aviation with FBO Director
Gary Jet Center
Fargo Jet Center uses FBO Director
Modesto Jet loves FBO Director
FBO Director has dispatched transactions at Purdue

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