Professional FBO Software by FBO Director
Earn more money with our easy to use FBO software. Make your front desk and line more efficient by automating the difficult tasks.

"We are differentiated from our competition by the simplicity with which we deliver complex functionality."

John Nelson, President Essinta Labs, Inc. (former founder of FBO Manager)

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Fuel and inventory entry screen on FBO Director
account reports including general ledger and sales reports in FBO Director software
Dashboard screen for FBO Manager and Total FBO replacement software

Product Features

Fuel Management

Check your fuel inventory on your phone or tablet. Even enter tickets.

Robust Accounting

Connect to QuickBooks, Sage, MAS90, Great Plains or export data.

Fuel Card Payments

Certified with EPIC, Avfuel, Shell. Process contract fuel cards and run Bravo, Avtrip, and Aeroclass Awards.

Work Order

Easy, intuitive, and effective work order system to track your mechanics.

FBO software on tablet, phone and computer
  • Invoice
  • FBO Point of Sale
  • Aircraft Tracking
  • Customer Accounts
  • Receivable Payments
  • Part 141 reporting & tracking
  • Monthly hangar & tiedown management
  • Aircraft dispatching
  • Accounting Support
  • CSV Export
  • QuickBooks Desktop and Online
  • Great Plains, Dynamics
  • Sage, Mas90
  • Block rates
  • Leaseback reports
  • Pilots & Flight Instruction
  • Work Orders
  • PO Numbers
  • Serial number tracking
  • Commingle Fuel Management
  • Total FBO and FBO Manager import
  • Credit Card Support
  • EPIC, Shell, Avfuel
  • Your bank (Heartland, First Data)
  • Card on File
  • Airline fuel tracking
  • Web-based reservations
  • Concierge and FlightBridge
  • Tax Management
  • Tax on a Tax
  • Multiple sites
  • Multiple companies
  • Total FBO and FBO Manager import
  • Loyalty Program support
  • EPIC Bravo, Shell AeroClass, Avfuel Avtrip
  • Veeder Root, TCS fuel automation
  • Handheld ramp sales
man using the FBO Director software to enter fuel tickets and process credit cards

It's all about the Quickturn and Inventory

Front Desk Operations should flawlessly feed your accounting department

Your front desk personnel needs quick, easy to use software that makes quick turns PERFECT! Select an invoice by tail number or customer. Select fuel, enter a meter reading and gallons are instantly calculated.

With fbo director your CSRs and fuelers make fewer mistakes, thus reconciling your accounting is easy. What might take several hours each morning in another system takes just minutes. Our accounting includes tail number tracking, fuel company credit card processing, contract fuel support, into-plane fees, and fuel inventory tracking.

There’s Nothing Else That Compares

FBO Director was created from the needs of real FBO’s. We know who is on your front line – and it’s not a computer programmer. Your company demands a complete software package to maximize profits, save thousands, and automate previously complex and time consuming processes. You need it be simple enough that anyone on your staff can quickly master it. That’s FBO Director.

Train Your Employees In Minutes

With FBO Director, you can train your employees in just minutes, reduce your customer wait times, speed quick turns and make your job easier. We understand the dilemmas you face. You shouldn’t have to spend hours training everyone to perform even the most simple of tasks. Our easy-to-use interface makes training employees a snap and allows them to make a sale in just three steps rather than 20!

fuel automation for fuel tickets

FBO Director Accounting runs your FBO!

Fuel Inventory: automated imports from Veeder-Root, TCS, and Fuel Meter Cloud. Even import your QT Pod data! Manage Commingle (airline and into-plane) inventory with ease.

Fuel Taxes: we know tax on tax, tax per gallon and percentage-based taxes. Some customers pay state tax, and some don't - we can handle it!

Fuel Discounts: FBO accounting working every discount method you can imagine - retail minus unit and percentage, cost plus unit and percentage, tiered quantity discounts unique for each customer.

FBO Director demonstration video

Watch the fbo director demonstration video to learn how easy it is to use.

Let's talk accounting

FBO Director exporting data to Microsoft Dynamics
FBO Director exporting accounting data to Sage
QuickBooks online for FBO software
Quickbooks works with FBO Director, FBO Manager and Total FBO replacement software
CSV export tool for airport software
SAP accounting link

FBO software accounting export tools to take your accounting to a professional level. I have always believed we should focus on writing aviation software (building a GREAT front desk experience) and letting the accounting professionals do the heavy lifting.

At the touch of a button, we can export to ANY csv map you provide us. But, to make things easy FBO Director has an accounting software program direct link to QuickBooks Online and Desktop using the detailed QuickBooks IIF file format. This means you get transaction details in your accounting software - NOT just journal entries or deposits! We also have integrations and data export tools to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains and Sage. Don't like those? We can export to any CSV format with sophisticated mapping tools and can connect to products like SAP, JD Edwards, or the tool of your choice.

Aviation accounting software, like FBO Director, is the backbone of running your fbo business. Our fbo management software has all of the tools you need to operate and since we are a cloud based aviation software program you can get to your business financials anywhere. Aviation organizations choose fbo management software like fbo director to work with any accounting program.

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Download our eBook to learn what your FBO software should be doing for you. This eBook is packed with my advice and experience with successfully transitioning an FBO off of legacy FBO point of sale software. I know what works and what doesn't.

Did we Mention?

fbo director can handle every aspect of your business, there is even more we can do!

Fast Transactions

Card on file, by Tail Number OR Customer Code, payment types are saved and automate your front desk.

Digital Signature

Effortlessly capture signatures at the counter and comply with pole display regulations.

Periodic Billing

Automate your monthly hangar, office, and tie-down billings. Even save to card on file.

Make/Model Fee Schedule

Just set up your hangar, ramp, and other services by make and model. Pricing is automated by tail number.

Works with Fuel Credit Cards

FBO Director Software works with EPIC, Shell, and Avfuel cards. We also handle contact fuel and branded rewards card processing.

How does it Compare?

FBO Director is adds modules you for FBOs for Avfuel Hub, Atlas FBO software, Compass FBO software and X-1 that you may not have like work orders, flight schools, and even a link to Flight Bridge.

A few clients!

“Over the past 11 years, John Nelson has helped us provide the high-quality service we’re known for,” said Dan DeMeo, CEO of Rabbit Aviation Services. “With FBO DirectorTM, we’ll be even faster and more mobile. It’s easy to set up and learn, delivers in-depth reports quickly, and integrates with QuickBooks. With our Veeder-Root EMR3 equipped trucks, the fuel logging and billing process from the ramp to the terminal is now completely automated; no radio calls or extra action needed to get billing done. Isn’t that what we’re here for? To make fuel stops easy, quick and accurate?”

Yelvington Aviation at Daytona Beach
EPIC Aviation branded location Corporate Air Allegheny County uses FBO Director
Basin Aviation uses FBO Director with avfuel
Rabbut aviation has used FBO Manager and FBO Director for 15 years
Gary Jet Center is a long time FBO Director user
Fargo Jet Center worked with John Nelson to implement FBO Director


fbo director isn't free, but it is fbo accounting software that works for FBOs of all sizes. Just click the get started button to set up a free demo, NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED.


$50 month
*and $0.15 per transaction

  • Single Location
  • 1 Credit Card Terminal Access
  • 3 Concurrent Users
  • Customer/Tail Number Tracking
  • Reporting, Fuel Module
  • Accounting exports
  • Online Support, fee-based
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$189 month

  • Single Location
  • 1 Credit Card Terminal Access
  • 3 Concurrent Users
  • Customer/Tail Number Tracking
  • Reporting, Fuel Module
  • Accounting exports
  • Online Support, fee-based
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  • Single Location
  • Credit Card Terminal Access
  • Unlimited Concurrent Users
  • Customer/Tail Number Tracking
  • Fuel Module (unlimited assets)
  • Wireless Fuel (FMC, VR, TCS)
  • Concierge via FlightBridge
  • Self-Serve Fuel Import
  • Periodic Billing (unlimited)
  • Tail Number Fee Schedule
  • Custom Accounting exports
  • Online Support, fee-based
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