About FBO Director

Our companies background and history in the FBO software industry

FBO Director is intuitive Aviation Software and FBO Software.

Anyone looking for aviation fbo software, aviation management software, or aviation fbo software will feel right at home. FBO Director makes adding invoices, billing line services, running a flight school, managing a maintenance shop and of course buying jet fuel easy.

Although simple, everything you need to run an efficient sales process is here for your company. In 1992 our development team introduced its first aviation software program for small clubs and partners. No matter your role: administrator, boss, controller, manager, FBO Director is the FBO software accounting program that fits perfectly. FBO software should be easy to use and intuitive. Your contract fuel and into-plane fees should be automatically calculated. And, working with programs like FlightBridge, Quickbooks online, Great Plains, Avtrip, Shell Aeroclass, EPIC Bravo, and other programs should be simple. Your FBO front counter software must work the way you work. Your CSRs and line staff will find fbo director easy, fast, and efficient. If you used FBO Manager or TotalFBO to run your FBO then fbo director is an easy upgrade. We will import your data from FBO Manager and TotalFBO to fbo director and get you running instantly.

Since 1998 Nelson has evangelized paperless FBOs - starting starting with connections to Contrec USA, then Veeder Root. This resulted in his patent application, Real Time FBO Management and System, in 2005. Even in the early 2000's he had built wireless handheld fuel systems on the ramp. This included fuel orders, service orders, capturing fuel meter ticket readings from mechanical and electronic registers, and even swiping fuel branded credit cards and printing a receipt on the ramp.

These visions continued and started with the first FBO that went live with FBO Director - paperless on the ramp on day 1 in January 2017. Today, FBO Director uses its own handheld system, Fuel Meter Cloud, and connects to Veeder Root, Liquid Controls and TCS to provide paperless ticket solutions.

Laptop running web based FBO software at front counter
FBO Director was inspired by past success building FBO Software. In 1996 Nelson used FBO Manager to disrupt the FBO industry using pen and paper and DOS computers.

After selling the company in 2006, hardware and software technology has finally caught up to our vision for great FBO Management software. Traditional Point of Sale systems are archaic and complex, relying on technology from the last decade.

  • Any Time, Any Place: True web-enabled application. FBO Management software based on a multi-tenancy database and is a platform-independent application
  • Aviation accounting software that processes your aviation fuel cards.
  • Tail Numbers, Discounts, Taxes are all intuitively entered. Train your CSR's and Line team quickly and reduce errors.

Your customers want a painless, precise, and perfect experience. Your front counter team requires confidence. That confidence comes from our team's success and knowledge having built FBO Software systems for over twenty years.

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