How to Create an Invoice in FBO Director

FBO Director Software Manual

First Browse to the Invoice Page

 Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 1 Click the Create an Invoice Link in the Navigation Menu

There are a few ways to create a new invoice in FBO Director but the first and most common is to simply enter one manually. To create a new invoice in FBO director start by browse to the "Create an Invoice" page in the FBO Director navigation menu.

Next Select a Customer or Tail Number

 Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 2 Browse Invoices Page in FBO Director

Once on the page you will need to begin by entering either a customer code or a tail number to proceed. Many of the invoices features are driven by the aircraft and customer selected so it's important to choose the correct information. If the customer is new you can create a new customer code by clicking the green button beside the customer code selection box. for transient customers you can select the customer code "Valued Customer" to proceed. "Valued Customer" will use the default pricing and taxation and will avoid saving tail number and email address assoiations to the transient account.

Check for Any Customer Alerts

 Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 3, Customer Alerts Click on Customer Alerts for a full screen display

After you have selected customer it is a good idea to look at the customer notes to the right side of the customer address block. By clicking in this field you can see an expanded display of the internal customer notes, this can be helpful when the length of the notes exceeds the size of the viewable notes on screen.

Sell Products and Services

 Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 4, Sell Products and Services Use the "Add Fuel" and "Add Item" Buttons to Build the Invoice

Use the "Add Fuel" button to record your meter readings and save fuel tickets at the same time as billing for the fuel. To bill for any other products or services click on the "Add Item" button instead.

Add a Fuel Ticket

Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 5, Add Fuel to Invoice Select your equipment and enter your meter readings

When you click the "Add Fuel" button you will need to first select your fuel equipment. Once your equpment loads you can enter your meter readings to calculate the gallons sold and add it to the invoice.

Fuel discounts and taxes are all setup prior to the point the ticket is created, so by this time the price will be automatically calculated based on a variety of factors. Various disocounting methods are supported and will be identified by things like the customer code, the tail number, the make and model of the aircraft, the product sold and even it's quantity.

Invoice Additional Products and Services

 Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 6, Add Other Products and Services to Invoice Choose a product by name or by description

The "Add Items" button is used to sell all but a few specific items. Fuel, Aircraft Rental and Instruction, and Work Orders are the only things not sold using "Add Items".

Just like with fuel sales, special pricing and taxes are all setup before the time of sale so simply adding the product and correct quantity is all that is required for a CSR to get the right price. For speical cases such as new customer discounts for transients however, ad-hoc discounts can also be added at this time.

Save the Invoice

Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 7, Saving the Invoice Save or Discard the Invoice

Once you have finished entering products and services onto your the invoice you can now either save it or discard it. If you discard it you will it will not create an invoice number and there will be no record of the invoice. If you save it you can either leave it open so that it can later be modified and finalized or you can take payment and finalize the invoice.

Enter Your Initials

Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 8, Enter Your Initials Enter Your Initials

When you take a payment on an invoice you will be prompted to enter your initials. If you enter your initials and click submit you will be forwarded to the appropriate payment page. If you click the cancel button you will remain on the invocie and can continue making changes to it.

Enter the Payment Details

Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 9, Enter the Payment Details Enter the Payment

You will need to enter the details of the payment next. The type of data that will be required will depend on the type of payment you have selected.

Capture the Customer's Signature

Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 10, Capture Signature Capture the Customer's Signature

Using a tablet, a phone, or any touch screen with a modern web browser FBO Director can capture the signature of your customer after recieveing a payment on an invoice. While the invoice is in process the touch screen device can serve as a "Pole Display", showing a customer facing view of the invoice line items and totals.

When not in use the "Pole Display" and signature capture device can be used as

Choose Whether to Print or Email the Invoice

Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 11, Choose Print Options Do you want to print the invoice?

After you take a payment you can choose whether or not you wish to print out the invoice. If you want to email the invoice directly to the client then you should click the "Yes Print" button. From the print out page you will have the option to email the invoice.

Completed Invoice

Creating an Invoice in FBO Director, Step 12, Completed Invoice Print or Email the Invoice

On the invoice print out preview page you can print the invoice to a standard letter sized paper, you can print the invoice to a three inch receipt printer, or you can email the invocie. We keep a record of the date and time every time an invoice is emailed. You can see a record of this on the "Browse Invoices" page.

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