The Only Two-Way Real-Time Integration to FlightBridge

Use FBO Director and Stop the Double Entry

Real integration. Real improvement. Real Results.
Only with FBO Director

simple, reliable, accurate, efficient

What does this mean to you? When a reservation is updated or changed in FlightBridge it instantly appears in FBO Director with the notes, services, and other reservation details. More importantly, when an invoice and services are updated in FBO Director we change the status of the item in FlightBridge INSTANTLY for you. Other software programs only pull reservations into their system, leaving your CSRs to go back to FlightBridge to update status (two systems, twice the work!). Not so with FBO Director! We connect and automatically share data so your CSRs work efficiently.

MORE! when you accept payment in FBO Director (Contract Fuel, credit card, account or any other form), we change the payment status field in FlightBridge and connect a PDF copy of the Sales Invoice so the pilot or flight department can access it for 90 days.

Why did we do this? Our philosophy has always been to identify the 'best of breed'' solutions and integrate. This frees us to focus on the front desk experience at your FBO. We made a decision to integrate with FlightBridge, truly best of breed'. Learn more by calling us at 386-256-8537 or visiting

Fuel Taxes and Pricing Fuel Taxes and Pricing
Customer sales tracking Customer sales tracking
Remote access to the system 24/7 Remote access to the system 24/7
Connecting to the Veeder-Root's automated delivery system Connect to the Veeder-Root's automated delivery system

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