FBO Director Connects with FlightBridge

Real Time Connection

Port Orange, FL – FBO Director connects to FlightBridge by completing the second phase of its existing integration with FlightBridge. Integrating provides two-way communication of reservation details and status between FBO Director and FlightBridge. Operators see the status of reservations in FlightBridge, while the FBO no longer has to enter information in two different systems.

“The integration between FBO Director and FlightBridge is another step forward for customer service in general aviation,” said Dudley King, President of FlightBridge. “Providing greater visibility into the delivery status of concierge and FBO services allows both the FBO and operator to deliver bespoke service and operate more efficiently.”

FBO Director’s connection to FlightBridge is the only two-way real-time integration exchanging reservations entered in either system, updating status, and posting payments and invoices from FBO Director for access and viewing in FlightBridge.

“The continued progress of this FBO Director and FlightBridge connection helps further improve an established system for many FBOs with a simple and easy to use software that helps them run their FBO business”, said John Nelson, President of Essinta Labs.

FBO Director Development

Since 1996, John Nelson has developed products for the aviation industry, including the FBO Manager software program he founded, and hand-held fueling solutions for airlines and FBOs. “This is another great example of our more than two decades of creating automated processes that simplify the FBO business. This step connects the FlightBridge concierge and scheduling activity of the FBO, with the FBO Director financial side of the business.”

“No other software company in this space has a comparable track record for delivering easy to use, efficient, and automated general aviation software. It was obvious we had to connect FlightBridge, as best in class, to our FBO Director program”, said Nelson.

About FBO Director

Over 60,000 sales transactions have been processed in FBO Director by leading FBOs like Fargo Jet Center, Yelvington Jet Aviation, Five Rivers Aviation, and many more. FBO Director includes modules for fuel automation with Veeder Root, Liquid Controls, TCS and QT Pod. Additionally, the system has work order, flight school, and accounting modules.

Easy to use, FBO Director runs on the web and is accessible anywhere 24/7 to FBOs and aviation businesses. A team of aviation veterans built a simple, efficient interface using workflows and processes from real FBOs. Easy invoice and payment acceptance, proper tax and discount application, fuel and inventory management and powerful automation and integrations with other core products commonly used in FBOs are features that allow customer service teams to focus on running the FBO and providing excellent service.

Learn more about FBO Director and get a free trial and consultation, email info@essinta.com or visit www.FBOdirector.com.

About FlightBridge>

Over 6,000 Flight Department, Charter, Pilot, and Broker users, as well as over 1,000 FBOs rely on FlightBridge to reduce the thousands of hours currently spent on phone calls and emails arranging concierge services and logistics. With a few simple clicks, users can book over 100,000 hotel properties, including over 3,500 properties at the FBO or crew discounted rate. FlightBridge facilitates hundreds of thousands of aviation-related service bookings annually.

FlightBridge is an easy-to-use trip logistics management system where aircraft operators, pilots, Fixed Base Operators, and service providers connect with their trusted partners and vendors. Book hotels and rental cars, arrange catering, request FBO services, and more. With FlightBridge, managing trip services is easier and more efficient than ever. To learn more about FlightBridge go to www.flightbridge.com, or contact support@flightbridge.com for a demo.

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