FBO Director and Flight Bridge Integration Tutorial

Welcome to a demonstration of FBO Director and our integration with Flight Bridge. My name is John Nelson, president of Essinta Labs, and I have a long history of software development in the aviation industry, formerly owning FBO Manager Software and also working at EPIC Aviation managing the compass system. This breadth of experience has led my company to develop an integration between our point of sale software and the leading concierge tool for flight departments and FBOs, called Flight Bridge.

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What you see on the screen right now is our main dashboard screen within the FBO Director software showing a variety of open invoices that are available for editing. Keep On Reading…

FBO Director Connects with FlightBridge

FlightBridge Logo

Real Time Connection

Port Orange, FL – FBO Director connects to FlightBridge by completing the second phase of its existing integration with FlightBridge. Integrating provides two-way communication of reservation details and status between FBO Director and FlightBridge. Operators see the status of reservations in FlightBridge, while the FBO no longer has to enter information in two different systems.

“The integration between FBO Director and FlightBridge is another step forward for customer service in general aviation,” said Dudley King, President of FlightBridge. “Providing greater visibility into the delivery status of concierge and FBO services allows both the FBO and operator to deliver bespoke service and operate more efficiently.”

FBO Director’s connection to FlightBridge is the only two-way real-time integration exchanging reservations entered in either system, updating status, and posting payments and invoices from FBO Director for access and viewing in FlightBridge. Keep On Reading…

Use FBO Director’s Pole Display to Increase Sales

FBO Director Credit Card Swipe

How can you implement a pole display and start driving increased sales? By using customer counter-top marketing?  With FBO Director it’s as easy as uploading a few graphics with your promotions and then just clicking a button in the software.  With any device, like a second monitor, iPad, or Android tablet, your promotions are displayed for the pilot to see while engaging with the customer service representative.

FBO Director and now supports Customer Countertop Marketing displays and integrated signature capture.  As an FBO owner or general manager, you might ask yourself, “why does this matter?” Customer Counter Marketing displays drive sales and increase business, and more importantly, some states and local authorities require displaying sales transaction data from electronic point of sale systems.  Legacy products in aviation, like FBO Manager Keep on reading!

Essinta Labs Announces rebranding of its FBO Point of Sale Software

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DATE: 28 Mar 2019

Port Orange, FL – Essinta LabsTM  announced that its core FBO Management and Point of Sale software, formerly known as EssintaWINGS, will now be branded FBO Director.

“FBO Director more properly reflects our passion and commitment to the general aviation industry, as well as paying homage to our experience and expertise in this market”, said John Nelson, President of Essinta Labs.   Since its release in February 2017, over sixty thousand (60,000) transactions have been run in FBO Director, worth over $35 million.

Since 1996, John Nelson has been building products for the aviation industry, including the FBO Manager software program he founded, Keep On Reading…

FBO Director Certified To Accept EPIC Cards

Port Orange, FL – FBO Director developed by John Nelson, formerly of FBO Manager software, has been certified to accept EPIC cards and all other payment forms accepted through the EPIC Fuels payment gateway. EPIC customers began processing on the FBO Director system on March 5, 2018. EPIC branded FBO locations now have a modern aviation point of sale transaction processing software option that is a complete replacement for Compass, FBO Manager or Total FBO.

Nelson and Ken Edwards, both formerly of EPIC, bring first-hand experience and knowledge of EPIC’s branded programs and workflows to FBO Director, making it a natural upgrade for EPIC Fuels branded FBOs. Keep On Reading…

FBO Director Certified To Accept Avfuel Cards

Port Orange, FL – FBO DirectorThas been certified to accept Avfuel aviation fuel cards and all other payment forms accepted through the Avfuel payment gateway. Avfuel customers can begin processing on the FBO Director system on January 23, 2018. This convenient, easy-to-use system gives Avfuel customers a modern point-of-sale transaction processing software to run their businesses.

“At Avfuel, we’re all about offering our branded network more choices, and the addition of FBO Director to our accepted point-of-sale processing system does just that,” said William Light, Avfuel’s vice president of administration. “We’re dedicated to offering our unique branded FBOs complete solutions to streamline their operations; making FBO Director available to them helps further this endeavor.”

FBO Director is a true web-enabled application and operates on any device, including phones, tablets, and both Apple and Windows computers. FBO Director provides easy invoicing, customer tracking, and fast, reliable processing all through an easy-to-use interface that users can learn in minutes. In addition, with efficient accounting capabilities, and credit card and contract fuel processing, FBOs can check their fuel inventory or enter tickets from anywhere.

Furthermore, FBO Director can process transactions outside of branded fuel gateways and is nearing certification with other fuel brands.

“Our staff understands the intricacies of credit card processing and contract fuel management. By combining FBO Director with credit card processing, we have helped our customers save thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in duplicate entry time,” said John R. Nelson, president of FBO Director.  

Nelson has brought two decades of FBO software development to FBO Director and has assembled an experienced team. Since its debut in 2017, FBO Director has led the aviation industry in innovations such as fuel automation with Veeder-Root, transaction-based QuickBooks data integration, and online credit-card processing.